The sander was developed because the curse word in woodworking starts with the letter "S".... sanding.

Now, I can sand and mold in one operation with no hand sanding. The idea came about when I had to hand sand 6,000 feet of molding that had a difficult profile to sand out the chatter marks. That was over a mile of trim that had to be hand sanded and I thought there had to be a better, more productive, and less painful way to clean up the chatter marks. That is when the epiphany hit.

So, six years down the road it is ready to be marketed. I have spent the last two years testing and retesting. I have run over 25,000 feet of trim through it and it passed inspection.

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Chatternator profile sander and team on display at Los Vegas Convention
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A patented profile sanding machine.

Made in Hotchkiss, CO - USA

Made in America flag

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