The Chatternator®: Trim & Moulding Profile Sander

Sanding out router and knife chatter marks on trim or moulding is a tedious and time consuming task. We made the Chatternato® to solve this problem once and for all.

The Chatternator - a Profile Sanding Machine.

Save time and money

No hand sanding

Made in the USA


Built tough to last


Chatternator - Profile Sander LogoStand alone models:

  • 6" Stand alone - 6" material width
  • 12" Stand alone - 12" material width

Add-on models

  • 6" Add-on - only fits the Woodmaster 718
  • 12" Add-on - by custom order for Woodmaster 718 only
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Meet the Chatternator
The patented profile sander that allows you to mould and sand in one operation.

No longer will you have to spend tedious hours sanding out the chatter marks left behind by the cutting knives. Chatternator will do the work for you! Sand and mould in one operation with no hand sanding.

Before & After


Photo of before and after trim sanded with profile sanding machine.


Works with:





Who is it for?

Cabinetry shops

Furniture manufacturers

Finish carpenters

Anyone who needs to finish material profiles

As seen on Woodworkers Guild of America:

"One of the things that's cool about my job is every once in a while I run into these problem solving devices or tools and I feel compelled to tell you about it."

- George Vondriska, WWGOA Managing Editor


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Ready to smooth the chatter?

Chatternator - Profile Sander Logo


A patented profile sanding machine.

Made in Hotchkiss, CO - USA

Made in America flag

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